Roll-Out Management and Consultancy Services

Roll-Out Management and Consultancy Services

The ROM (Roll-Out Management) concept is a regional and zone focused organization that delivers national set standard across all regions for end to end network deployment , operations and maintenance.

EMCI brings local and international knowledge and expertise to deliver ROM best practices. Using existing organization structures, EMCI focuses on delivering Roll-out management solutions, which would best fit into a telecom network deployment strategy.


  • Planning, execution and controlling end to end network deployment and operation activities with respect to project and organization objectives.
  • Utilize international & local experience in deploying Telecom networks
  • Automate process efficiencies and communication across all regions
  • Empower customer to focus their mobile network integration
  • Single source of Truth across all organizations
  • Synergize all deployment and operational groups to effectively build a telecom network
  • optional Directive, controlling and supporting PMO solution models of service, with the help of 3rd party PMIS software, to maximize the profitability and the benefit of our customers.
  • Oversee the project software platform deployment and enforce the usage
  • Daily regional and national progress reporting, gap analysis, Vendor KPI, SLA management and reporting
  • National standardization of all processes and methods plus Quality management coordination and acceptance of all works and documentation
  • All processes in a Roll-Out Project lifecycle stores and integrated on a roll-out software platform as a single source of truth and will be kept in OPA of EMCI organization.

Roll-Out Management Scope of Work

Administration and Facilities
EMCI will provide all office facilities for the personnel of EMCI
Project Management
EMCI will provide the project management expertise and services to ensure the successful completion of the System. The responsibilities of EMCI in respect of project management includes management of the operational deployment of the Rollout, control of all day-to-day issues related to the Project, Rollout Management, control and support of the Implementation Works. EMCI will manage the Rollout with regard to Customer’s requirements under the Main Contract communicated by Client as well as the processes agreed between Client and the Customer. EMCI will be responsible for the Rollout schedule. This includes the planning of Equipment deliveries from Client, the planning of Implementation Works and the planning and resourcing of its own organization. The primary tool used for planning and scheduling by EMCI in the Rollout will be EMCI’s tool platform, such as project tracking database. EMCI will manage the performance of Implementation Works. This will include the management of Implementation Subcontractors and the contract management including claim management under the Subcontracts and the Main Contract, in accordance with Client’s instructions. EMCI will agree schedules with the Implementation Subcontractors and monitor the progress of the Implementation Works.
Cost Control
EMCI will manage a cost control and recording process that accurately informs Client of planned and actual project costs. EMCI will recommend cost saving measures and ensure that Client is promptly informed of non-budgeted costs.
Quality Control
EMCI will monitor the quality control processes enacted by the Implementation Subcontractors (except Network Planning) and will ensure that the Implementation Subcontractors are fully aware of their obligations. Furthermore, EMCI will perform random quality audits and inspections in order to ensure the Implementation Works are delivered in accordance with the quality standards laid down in the Main Contract and Subcontracts.
Documentation Management
EMCI will manage and monitor all aspects of project documentation as defined in the “Share of Responsibilities”. Client will manage all correspondence relating to commercial issues.
EMCI will implement and maintain a reporting system that ensures accurate communication of progress and problems on the project to all the parties involved in the project.
Network Planning

EMCI can also monitor the progress of Network Planning against project milestones and report this progress to the Client Project Director.

Health and Safety

EMCI will ensure that the proper health and safety measures are in place and clearly communicated to the subcontractors. The responsibility for health and safety issues on sites rests with the Implementation Subcontractors on Site.

Risk Management

EMCI will monitor the project activities, identify risks associated with these activities, and advise Client how they might affect the cost or schedule of the project, as well as to take all necessary measures at its own cost to minimize such risks.


EMCI will monitor and manage all activities relating to the movement and status of Client Product inventory in the project as defined in “Share of Responsibilities”. With respect to Equipment, EMCI will be fully responsible for the related logistics management of the Equipment, which will include interfacing with Client’s logistics in order to schedule and reconcile the delivery of Equipment.

Site Readiness Acceptance from Customer
EMCI will manage the interface with the Client representative and monitor and schedule Site activities.
Telecom Implementation
EMCI will agree schedules with the Implementation Subcontractors and monitor the progress of the works.
Roll-Out Management


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