Network Planning and optimization Services

Network Planning and optimization Services


Network planning and optimization services help improving performance of a telecom network.

Our background expertise along with utilizing best in class tools for network planning and optimization can deliver best QoE, while keeping CAPEX and OPEX under control.


Core competencies in provisioning end to end services and solutions including but not limited to:

  •     Radio and transmission network design and dimensioning
  •     Pre-launch optimization, OSS and Field KPI Monitoring and optimization to reach acceptable accessibility, latency, retain-ability and Quality
  •     End to end Post launch optimization including Geo-location and to achieve QoE assurance
  •     Providing expert resources as part of CSP
  •     Expertise in using 3rd party Performance management, configuration Management, Automated Drive Test tools and Project Management Integrated System to achieve QoE assurance.
  •     Best in class at utilizing Vendor Agnostic Automated frequency/SC/PCI and neighbor audit tools.


EMC Pre Launch Optimization


EMCI Offers the Turnkey Pre Launch RF Optimization, Site Level Audit & Performance Testing, Antenna Optimization and KPIs Stability for New 2G/3G/LTE Sites and sites having up gradation, swap, cutovers and expansions including Pre/Post Coverage, Quality and KPIs benchmarking


End to End Planning and Optimization Solutions

The Review of 3G/4G RF Design, Planning and Dimensioning to suggest improvements.

New Frequency/SC and PCI Planning will make it easier to introduce new sites in future as it will follow industry standards for Re-use and grouping mechanism.



EMCI End to End Post Launch Optimization


End User QoE Improvement and Network Optimization is a complex and ongoing activity that should cover an End to End Approach. EMCI Offers a comprehensive Solutions for KPIs Optimization by the help of 3rd party Geo-location and automated Performance/fault/capacity management tools.


EMCI End to End Network Audit and Assessment Process in Brief


This Part Covers the E2E Audit & Assessment of 2G,3G & LTE Radio Access Network including NWP process improvement, monitoring and control over all RNC, BSCs, BTS, NodeB  and E-NodeB Parameters & Configuration Settings, QoS Strategy, End User QoE and KPIs Measurement Criteria and Many other sub- activities after which Customer will have 100% Clarity and Control of their Network.






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