Network Implementation Services

Network Implementation Services


EMCI provides end to end implementation services to plan, build, integrate and maintain a telecom network according to roll-out and deployment strategies and targets.

Assuring quality of services with respect to time and budget constraints is our key strength as a CSP for implementation services:

Our implementation services include:

  • All Site acquisition activities including search, finding candidates, SAR, lease and permissions.
  • All civil work activities including TSS, Soil test, detail design drawing, excavation, foundation and tower erection
  • All telecom implementation activities including:
  • RF Antenna installation, swap, redesign and upgrade
  • Running feeder and Fiber cables

Transmission installation, Swap, Dish alignment, New link commissioning, link upgrade, LRAN and high-cap modernization

  • BTS/Node-B/E-NodeB installation/Swap/Modernization commissioning and integration.
  • Power plan installation and upgrade
  • Fence reinforcement
  • Standard Dismantling and packing and transportation
  • On-airing and acceptance
  • Maintenance of sites and fault management






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