EMCI offers Telco/ non-Telco Fiber Optic services countrywide via its local partners in Iran. Our main activities include but not limited to the below:

  • Route design and obstacle forecasting
  • Trench excavation by the help of trench digger machine
  • micro trench duct laying and placement
  • asphalt line repair after implementation
  • Fiber optic Hand hole installation
  • Blowing Micro Fiber
  • Splicing and OTDR Test

Route design and obstacle forecasting


  • Choosing transmission equipment
  • Planning the route.
  • Choosing Components for outside plant installation.
  • Choosing Components for Premisses installation.
  • The link power budget calculation.
  • Documentation.
  • Planning for installation.
  • Developing a test plan.
  • Planning for restoration.
  • Cabling standard determination.




Trench excavation with a digger machine
  • Underground installation map to be reviewed and planned prior to any excavation.
  • Barricades and warnings to be isolated from public access
  • Health and safety consideration
  • High quality machines, Materials and equipment
  • Surface Encumbrances ought to be removed
Micro trench duct laying and placement
asphalt line repair after implementation
Fiber optic Hand hole installation
  • Provide drainage for the conduit system so that freezing water does not damage the conduit or wires.
  • Provide a location for bending the conduit run without damaging the wires.
  • Provide a junction for conduits coming from different directions. In lighting applications where a splice is required by Contract Documents the two or three way underground hand hole splice will also be included.
  • Facilitate pulling wires for fairly long distances.
  • Provide access to the system for maintenance.

Blowing Micro Fiber
  • No pulling rope to install
  • Equipment and manpower at one side
  • Forces on cable and duct can be monitored and controlled and minimal chance of cable damage
  • Large compressor and/or hydraulic power pack at one side
  • Preferred for duct route with multiple bends and undulations
  • Preferred for long distance (over 2 km) installation

Splicing and OTDR Test

Fiber Optic Fusion Splicing, is the joining of two ends of fiber optic cable using focused heat. It takes incredible precision to accurately join two ends of fiber optic cable. Once joined, the signal traveling through the cable must pass through without reflecting from its path. If a fiber optic cable is not properly spliced, the signal will reflect back toward the source and be corrupted or lost.

Using Fiber Optic Fusion Splicing technology to ensure your fiber optic cables are fused with impeccable precision. Fusion splicing is a complex process with many variables, and our certified technicians are guaranteed to handle the work with expertise.

Once Fiber Optic Fusion Splicing is complete, we perform OTDR Fiber Optic Testing. Fiber optic cables are incredibly sensitive. The OTDR, or Optical Time-Domain Reflectometer is the device used to test the percentage of signal lost in transit within a fiber optic cable. we use OTDR Fiber Optic Testing to ensure the signal passing through the cable is not corrupted in any way. The greater percentage of the signal that is refracted toward the source, the greater the loss of the signal will be. The ultimate goal is to have the signal pass through the cable without being reflected or interrupted. OTDR Fiber Optic Testing makes sure your goal is achieved.

Fiber Optic Project References in Iran
  • Excavation, laying optical cable and insertion loss test for IR-Railway in KHUZESTAN Province 2007.
  • Repairs and Maintenance of optical networks for IRAN Telecommunication (TCP) in Khuzestan province from 2011 to 2012.
  • 600km of Repairs, coupling, insertion loss test of western line of the IRAN for petrochemical industries ( Western ethylene line project) from 2012 till 2015
  • Installation and commissioning Huawei ADMs in all Khuzestan province Railway stations for MTNi in 2015.
  • Overall Repairs of Optical networks for National Drilling in Khuzestan Province from 2014 to 2015.
  • 60km overall repairs of optical networks for TIC between Omidiye and Mahshahr route in 2016.
  • 120km propose and design of optical network routes for MTNi in Khuzestan Province in 2015.
  • Designing of fiber entrance routes for MTNi in Khuzestan province BTS Sites in 2016.
  • Installation and commissioning of Ericsson Transmission nodes (SPO) in Fibers Drop points areas for MTNi in Khuzestan province in 2016.
  • Trenching, Laying Micro duct, blowing micro fiber and insertion loss test and splicing project for MTNi in Abadan city in 2017.
  • 2000 Core splicing for MTNi Switch center Ahwaz BSC (Interconnection project) in 2017.
  • Maintenance of fiber network infrastructure for MTNi in Khuzestan province from 2017 till present.


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