Our EMCI Academy center provides trainings across all telecom units. We conduct training sessions for individuals as well as to telecom companies and their customers.

EMCI academy courses offer a variety of classes for Engineers, technicians, and managers who need to keep up to date with all the new technologies.

You can:

  •     Choose a class at the most appropriate skill level to meet your needs
  •     Brush up the skills you already have
  •     Learns new developing technologies
  •     Develop your skills with real-world applications
  •     Learn from highly qualified instructors at superior facilities

At EMCI Academy you will work with expert and knowledgeable instructors in a professional classroom settings, utilizing both, theoretical aspects and also sample projects and exercises that emphasize real-world, practical applications.


video trainingso of fundamental concepts of LTE

EMCI offers animated video trainings with Farsi subtitle with respect to telecom industry demands.
In below videos, some fundamental concepts of forth generation communication systems 4G (LTE) such as Protocol Stack, Modulations, Radio channels, Transmission Systems, Core, Services, Case Studies, etc. are presented and explained. Trusting these videos would improve technical knowledge and expertise on 4th generation communication system.



Episode 1 - TDD vs FDD in LTE
Episode 2 - Multiple Access - FDMA_TDMA_CDMA_OFDMA
Episode 3 - OFDM_ OFDMA Part 1
Episode 4 - OFDM_SC-FDMA Part 2
Episode 5 - Mapping of Logical to Transport channel with Example
Episode 6 - Channel Starvation & Prioritization
Episode 7 - MAC Scheduler & Physical Channels
Episode 8 - MIMO Techniques - Capacity & Coverage Enhancement
Episode 9 - Carrier Aggregation Technique (CA) - Capacity & Coverage Enhancement
Episode 10 - Hetnet (Small Cell & Relay Node) - Capacity & Coverage Enhancement
Episode 11 - CoMP (Coordinate Multipoint) - Capacity & Coverage Enhancement
Episode 12 - Throughput (Speed) Calculation in 4G




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